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My husband gets these wild hairs to build stuff. It doesn’t really matter what the “stuff” is, as long as he gets to pull out all his power tools, saws, drills, nails and screws, and talk that day’s sucker, I mean helper, into giving him a hand. Now that we have a house, which was his biggest project ever (and may I just boast and say that it is an incredibly beautiful and welcoming space that he designed), he has garage space to work in and plenty of things to fix and/or improve.

His newest project is building a mantle for our barren fireplace. How the idea struck him today, I’ll never know, and I’m not even sure he remembers, but what I can guarantee is that once he gets an idea into his head, he will NOT stop thinking about it, imagining how to make it happen, and once the project has begun, he will not let it be until it is complete. I guess that’s a good thing, as it pretty much guarantees that we will not have an unfinished project lingering, haunting us, bothering us every time we look at it, but it can be a little overwhelming at the same time. I guess I should be thankful that he WANTS to do stuff around the house. If only I could get him to be as enthusiastic about doing the laundry as he is about building things…

Anywho, so that you understand the magnitude of this endeavor, here are some photos of our current fireplace and the lovely photo that is the inspiration for the new and improved fireplace.


Obviously, ours is on the left and the dream fireplace is on the right.

Hopefully ours will soon look like the photo and I will be able to decorate it beautifully for Christmas. I have faith, lots of faith.

Since I was at work when the project began, I did not get photos from the very beginning, but, as is with all projects, it was taking a little longer than anticipated so when I arrived, I was able to get some pictures of the process.

photo 1 photo 2

This is him installing the “backers” that will hold the mantel firmly and safely. He started to go into a lot of detail about it, but I had no idea what he was talking about so this is about all the detail you guys get.

photo 4 photo 3

This is the actual mantel face frame, which is built out of MDF (because this is much smoother and easier to paint to get a smooth finish). It’s attached with brad nails to the supports behind it (which are anchored to the brick).

That was my husband getting involved in my blog…could you tell? MDF, brad nails, anchoring – like I’d know what all that meant, but hope it helps all of you who understand this foreign language.

Well, this is about where it all ended for tonight. His uncle and dad had to head on home. It was 9:30pm so I think they were allowed, but they made plans to start early tomorrow morning (AKA my day off AKA my day of peace AKA my rest day). Let’s just hope it’s not too early, but I do hope they are able to get most of it done, if not all.

Part 2 to follow…let’s just hope there isn’t a Part 3!