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My friend, Elizabeth, came to work one day, telling me she had bought some cranberries at the store. In her attempt to eat something a little bit different and healthy, she decided to go for raw cranberries, which were way too sour to stand.

To this I replied, yes, that is why cranberries are made into cranberry sauce, which is basically boiling the cranberries into submission with tons and tons of sugar. So what was she going to do with them?

I kindly offered my services and said that I was sure I could find something to bake her, using her organic cranberries. She was delighted in that she would be able to have either breakfast or dessert for a few days and also happy to not let those beautiful cranberries go to waste. That night, I went home to look for recipes.

Since I’ve been working hard on leading a Paleo lifestyle, I have been trying recipes that are grain-free. I am loving the blog, Against All Grain, and this is inevitably the source of the recipe I used.

Here is the link to Against All Grain’s Cranberry Lemon Loaf.

The recipe is easy. The hardest part is making sure you have all the ingredients on hand, but since I go head first into every change I make in my life, I had already bought all of the alternatives to flour. For the loaf mix, as well as the glaze, you put everything into a blender/food processor (EXCEPT the cranberries) and blend until smooth.

From start to finish, here is what I did with my Sunday morning and my friend’s raw, sour cranberries…

photo 1

My husband always complains I don’t use everything that I buy, but I keep on buying things…well, today, I used my batter bowl that I’ve had for a while now… 

photo 2

I like preparing all of my ingredients before I begin…call it habit from my life as a former pastry sous chef. Above are the measured out ingredients: almond flour, chopped cranberries, eggs, spices/seasonings, freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey, vanilla, and butter.

photo 3 photo 4

As I had mentioned earlier, the recipe said to throw everything BUT the cranberries into a blender, so I did! Easy peasy…then I folded the cranberries into the batter.

photo 2

Now, the original recipe is for a loaf of this bread. As some of these will be going to my friend, who is always on the go or does things very last minute, muffins are much easier to grab when you are running out of the house.

photo 1

Once out of the oven and cool, I made the glaze, glazed each one, and because I felt like something was missing, I put a couple dried cranberries on top as an edible decoration.

photo 2

What I have noticed about some gluten-free, especially grain-free, recipes is that things tend to come out very dense. If these were brownies, great, but they are not. They are muffins and should have some moist and bouncy texture to them. This recipe fits the bill! Just look at all those air pockets and pieces of delicious cranberry.

Hopefully when I bring these to work on Tuesday, my friend will be pleased with these “cranberries.”