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This is the post you’ve all been waiting for….the finished product!

In previous posts, you saw all of Jason’s handiwork. He built us a BEAUTIFUL fireplace mantel and facade. He definitely excels in woodworking. Painting, on the other hand…

It isn’t that he can’t sand or paint or finish projects, but in our old age (just kidding), some things just aren’t worth the extra energy just to say you did it yourself, and this is exactly that situation.

For Jason to sand the entire thing and then paint it, it might have been a couple weekends worth of work, maybe not as much money, but definitely more time invested than the amount of money we could save. It’s really not worth the stress and headache in the end. So what did we do? He called a guy…

We contacted the same guys who did our cabinets – D.M. Custom Furniture Finishing & Refinishing. I will put their contact information at the end of this post just in case you get inspired or have a project you’ve been meaning to finish.

The work they do is tremendous and the finished product is gleaming, evenly coated, and as close to perfect as you can get, especially if it means that you have saved yourself a few weekends worth of working your bootie off to get a product that would not be nearly as close to the look you can get from professionals. Jason sure was happy he spent a little money and decided to get these guys in quickly, especially before Thanksgiving comes around.

I’m pretty happy too – it means I don’t have to stare at an unfinished or partly finished fireplace and stressing if it’s going to be done before Christmas or not. If Jason was to do it, it would definitely NOT have been done by Thursday.

So, as to not keep you all waiting any longer, here are the photos!

Jason finished the top of the facade by adding some more detail, matching the top of the fireplace to the detail he added directly under the mantel. Now it’s all pulled together!

photo 1

Here’s the entire project with the woodwork complete.

photo 5

Sanding and painting is a messy process, so the entire space was blocked off from the rest of our house. Somehow those pesky little dust particles still get past the barriers, but it’s better than nothing!

photo 4

AND THE GRAND FINALE!!!! Our new fireplace! ENJOY! We know we will!

photo 2 photo 3

And for drama…a before and after…

photophoto 2

I never thought we were going to have a fireplace that looked like this any time soon. I figured we were all done with projects for this year, but I am so glad we were able to squeeze this one in. It has made a HUGE difference in that space…

Now if only we could make the rest of the furniture in that space match our vibe…

Oh wait! This company refinishes wood too and they told us they could weather it all like the other furniture pieces in our house…stay tuned, but maybe we’ll save it for the New Year!


D.M. Custom Furniture Finishing & Refinishing – Edwin Ayala = (818) 298-7328, (818) 992-7517; 20361 Prairie St. #4 Chatsworth, CA 91311


P.S. Jason says it’s not finished yet…of course we have to finish the brick part so it matches (not sure what he’s thinking), as well as the hearth area, but in my book? It’s pretty much done…