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I’m training for my first half marathon, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland, and it’s next Sunday!

This weekend is the last weekend for a long distance training run so I decided, with much internal debate, that I would just go for it today! Even if I had to walk at the end, and I did so for about two miles, I’d do the 13 miles.

Now, in all fairness, before I stopped my running app, it said I had completed 13.1 miles, yet on the summary it magically says 13.05 miles. I’m going consider it 13.1 miles since I worked so damn hard to even get to where I got!

FYI: Don’t trust what your app says…go a little bit farther.

Anyway, I did it! Now, as long as I can repeat it next week for a medal, I’ll be gold!