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This post will be about as quick as this side dish took me to make Monday night.

I bought a couple heads of cauliflower thinking I would try some Paleo recipes with it. They have been sitting in my refrigerator for too long, so I decided to get them out and make one of those recipes. I actually went on a vegetable cooking tirade, but at least it’s all cooked and ready to be eaten. If you are like me, I never have enough time to really make a good side dish for dinner when it’s almost 8pm and we are starved, which is about every night.


from the blog Nom Nom Paleo

I cut the stem away from one head of cauliflower, placed the edible pieces in my steamer and let it do it’s job until the cauliflower was soft. Once soft, I placed all the pieces into my Vitamix blender, added salt, pepper, garlic, and ghee, then blended it right up! And it came out looking and tasting almost exactly like real mashed potatoes.

NOTE: I would not add tons of salt and pepper until you blend it first and taste it. If it’s not where you want it to be, you can add some more, to taste, and get it just right. You can always add more, you can’t take it away.



I was so impressed that I had my husband try it. He loved it! He said he’d eat them any day of the week, especially if it was a healthier option, since it tasted amazingly similar to the real thing. We had a helping of these fauxtatoes with roasted sweet potatoes (that I made during my veggie tirade) and ground turkey.

They hit the spot and these will definitely be my go-to side dish for the holidays. Maybe this year I won’t feel as full and sluggish as I normally do.