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After the juice cleanse, I got my booty on the scale and though I didn’t weigh myself before, I usually hang around 140lbs. After the cleanse, I am 137.4 lbs. Not bad. I’ll take it! It gets me motivated to keep on working out, which is always a challenge.

Since it is a challenge for me to get myself to suck it up and either jog, do a DVD, or do a physical challenge, I wanted to kick it off with a Squats Challenge. Everyone always loves a toned and lifted booty, plus, I have a trip to Miami coming up…

Here it is:


I found this by searching “squat challenges” on Google and I remember having seen this one on Pinterest (and I pinned it) so I figured I’d stick with this one. It is pretty much the same as all the others, just a different picture.

DAY 1: 50 squats = COMPLETED!

I did my squats (and will continue to do them) to music and one of my favorite songs came on just in time and the rhythm worked perfectly to boot: Cascada – Evacuate the Dance Floor. Try it out for yourself and get that booty looking hot for the summer!