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DAY 1 4/14/14: 50 squats = COMPLETED!

DAY 2 4/15/15: 55 squats = COMPLETED!

Did these while I was brushing my teeth (with an electric toothbrush) right before bed, just so I could get them in after my late night at work.

DAY 3 4/16/14: 60 squats =COMPLETED!

Again, right before bed…this time, I put on a song from a DirecTV channel.

DAY 4 4/17/14: REST = COMPLETED! (Easy peasy)

DAY 5 4/18/14: 70 squats = COMPLETED!

Again, right before bed – just can’t seem to fit them in any other time lately.

DAY 6 4/19/14: 75 squats =FAILED!

DAY 7: 4/20/14 (EASTER!): 80 squats = FAILED!

Overall, a good start to the challenge. The holiday weekend definitely messed up my squat schedule. I did go hiking on Saturday and then prepped all day for the Easter party we had on Sunday and just didn’t get a few minutes to fit the squats in. Other than that, I like this little challenge and I feel like my rear end is perkier, even after a 5 days of this. I do want to do these earlier than right before bed, but we shall see what happens. On to WEEK 2!

Check this out…to make sure you are doing it right.

Squat form how to do squats_thumb[3]


Photo Cred: http://outsidebeautyinsidehealth.com/2013/04/04/fitness-friday-how-to-squat-get-the-perfect-bum/