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DAY 8 4/21/14: REST – Because I did not do two days of squats last week, I’ll be making them up this week, starting with DAY 6 4/19/14 – 75 squats = COMPLETED!

DAY 9 4/22/14: 100 squats = MISSED!

I went to yoga in the morning and was planning on doing them before that…forgot! Then I was planning on doing them when I got home from work, except I got home from work about 1.5 hours later than normal (puts me at about 8:30pm), then got a nice surprise visit from the neighbors; finally, I was so tired that I forgot to do them before bed. Oh well! I’ll make them up at some point.

DAY 10 4/23/14: 105 squats = COMPLETED!

I basically did 80 squats that I missed from last week, and then waited a little bit in between before doing today’s challenge. 4/20/14 DAY 7 (Easter) – 80 squats = COMPLETED!

I am a great supporter of practicing yoga. I am not able to go as much as I’d like to the classes at the yoga studio I belong to (work schedule gets in the way), but even just one class helps my body and my soul. My teacher is a big proponent of yoga blocks in class, as well as using them at home – even if you are just walking around the house. I decided to purchase a couple blocks, especially after finding a pretty good deal on Amazon. I haven’t used the blocks too much, but decided to try using one while I did my squats. My teacher says it reminds us to focus on parts of the body we tend to forget and in squats, we usually focus on the outer thighs and not so much the inner thighs. With the block there, I was able to focus more on using my inner thighs, which will hopefully help me to tone them more (a major trouble spot for me), while also allowing me to perform a better squat. I find that the support of the block allows me to move my legs closer together (more parallel and under my hips), get a deeper squat, and do more without tiring so easily.

Something to think about…

DAY 11 4/24/14: 110 squats = COMPLETED! (with the yoga block)

DAY 12 4/25/14: REST – I completed the 100 squats I missed on the 22nd. 4/22/14 DAY 9 – 100 squats = COMPLETED!

DAY 13 4/26/14: 130 squats = MISSED!  (to be made up)

DAY 14 4/27/14: 135 squats = MISSED! (to be made up)

I had only one day off this week and that was Sunday. After work on Saturday, I was just ready to get the laundry done and call it a day. Sunday was my nieces’ First Communion, the Canonization of the Popes, and Robert Irvine Live at night, which started with dinner first – way too busy a day to try to fit in squats, especially since we left our house at 11am and didn’t get home until 10:30pm. Oh well…I’ll just do what I did this week and make them up during Week 3.

Keep on truckin’ everyone!

From the blog: http://blog.homefitnessequipment.org

Muscles worked during a squat – done with or without the weights

“The squat is a principal, compound movement that builds lean muscle and strength in the lower back, buttocks, hips and legs. It works a lot of muscle, burns a lot of calories, and pays huge dividends.

It activates the whole body but utilizes primarily the internal, front, middle, and external heads of the quadriceps; the gluteus maximus (biggest muscle of the butt determining its shape and perk); and the adductor magnus (upper, inner thigh). The hamstrings (back of the thigh), gastrocnemius (calf) and soleus (calf), erector spinae (lower back), rectus abdominis (stomach), and obliques (side of the abdomen) get busy in assistance and in stabilization. Altogether, it’s a girl’s wish list of muscular development.”


Photo Cred:http://blog.homefitnessequipment.org/manly-lower-body-exercises-for-women/