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Last week was a challenge to make at-home meals for some reason. Some weeks are just better than others. Plus, we’ve been renovating again and when you come home and have to run to Home Depot to pick paint colors and walkway lights and plants, the last thing on your mind is making dinner at 9pm, which usually means eating at 10pm. Enter the In ‘n Out Drive-thru and the little Thai restaurant down the street.

Because we were feeling really crappy from eating out all last week, I decided this week I was going to try my very best to make home-cooked meals. We basically do that all the time, so it shouldn’t be that hard, and it hasn’t been. Plus, if you’ve seen on my other blog, The Loving Home, we have lots of frozen meats we need to use.

The key to being able to prepare dinner nightly is making sure that the protein is thawed by the time you get home. I usually forget to move something from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before, so I usually end up leaving it in cold water. It’s usually mostly thawed by the time I get home, depending on what type of meat it is.

We had some boneless chicken thighs and it sounded like an easy piece of meat to work with. I let them defrost and was able to find a recipe at some point during my work day. I wanted something easy, but flavorful and I came upon this…


by Paleo Leap

It’s a very simple recipe, though it does take a little bit of cooking time. I had looked at the recipe at work and so I knew we had everything the recipe called for. The only thing I omitted was the rosemary because my husband is NOT a fan, especially after the rosemary potatoes I made months ago (let’s just say it was more like rosemary with a little bit of potatoes on the side).

You start by mixing the marinade ingredients together, saving the olive oil for the end, where you slowly mix it in. Then you place the chicken thighs in  a glass or plastic (not metal) dish, drown it in the marinade, and let it sit for 30 minutes.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I used a glass Pyrex dish so that once the 30 minutes was over, I could just pop the whole thing (minus the plastic wrap) into the oven. After I covered the chicken, I set the oven to preheat and put 30 minutes on the timer.

photo 4

I put the chicken in the oven and an hour later, it was done and ready for eating! I had bought a spring mix from Costco yesterday and decided that it sounded like a really good idea to serve the chicken over the salad mix, especially since we had no other vegetables. I also had some reduced balsamic vinegar, so I drizzled that on top. It was delicious!! Definitely a keeper.

Next time, in order to save time, I would pull the chicken out the night before and marinate it while I was at work. That way, when I or my husband got home, we could just pop the dish in the oven. No prepping, no marinating time, just ready to go!

photo 5