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What a difference a day makes! From DAY 2 to DAY 3 of the smoothie cleanse, I am back to feeling fairly normal. No headaches and lethargy today – or at least I didn’t let it get the better of me.

Right at the end of my work day, on the drive home, seems to always be the hardest time. I’m relieved that I’m on my way home, but I start getting into the mode of relaxation. It makes it very difficult to work out after the drive, especially when your gym is your home. The couch and a DVRed show alway look so much more appealing than my workout clothes and a workout program.

BUT I sucked it up and gave one of the HIIT workouts a try. I’m not going to go into too much explanation about what HIIT is, but in short, it’s high intensity interval training workouts where you basically get your heart rate up (cardio) by doing different moves with as much effort as you can muster in a series of reps.

If you’d like to know more, all you need to do is search HIIT or HIIT workouts, but here are a few links to start with:

Built Lean: HIIT – Best Cardio To Burn Fat

Shape: 8 Benefits of HIIT

Daily Burn: HIIT Workout – What It Is And Why It Works

In searching around for good workout routines, I did come across many on Pinterest. Most just listed types of moves and then how many times to repeat the series. This is great once you learn what the moves are. For me, I like to see it first and then go out on my own. I ended up finding a great video on You Tube. I typed in HIIT workouts and a lot of videos came up.

Today, I tried one from FitnessBlender – 45 Minutes HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout. I actually never thought to look up workout routines on You Tube so I was pleasantly surprised. This routine was challenging, especially since I haven’t been working out at all in the last couple weeks. It was well organized, they showed the moves that were coming up next in the top left-hand corner, which was very helpful so that I was prepared before that moment actually came. The countdown timer is very visible, there is an estimated calorie count available, and “they” (whoever the voice and the person you are following are) try to keep you motivated. I will say that I was not able to go full-force by any means. I had to stop throughout the workout and specific moves and I wasn’t as motivated as I could have been, BUT I did it! I took that first step to get moving and it felt and feels great. Sometimes that has to be enough and today, it’s plenty.

I’ve put the specific workout I did below, just in case you have trouble finding it. It’s on You Tube from FitnessBlender. I’m excited to try another routine tomorrow!


Oh, and one last thing – you can’t always judge a book by its cover, OR a drink by its color. Today my smoothie looked like tar, but it tasted delicious! The things you’ll do on a cleanse…