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If you’ve loved other books by Chopra and Tanzi, then you’ll definitely like this one. I find nothing more compelling than the human body and through science, we are continually learning new and exciting information. This book definitely gives new insight on how the body works at a cellular level by explaining epigenetics and all the facets of the relationship of genes and cells.

The best idea of this book is that we have control over more of our bodies than previously thought. You always hear people say that “It’s genetic” or “It’s in my genes” when referring to some trait or quality of themselves that they just can’t get away from. No more! What Chopra and Tanzi explain is that each and every one of our choices and attitudes influences the way our body and its cells respond and in turn, it all affects how we feel, our health, what we hand down to our children, and what they hand down to theirs. It’s somewhat unsettling because it makes you take a look back at all the not-so-great things you’ve done like eating poorly at fast food restaurants or sitting on the couch instead of working out or drinking and/or smoking to excess. But the overall tone is hopeful and helpful.

While it is an informational book in the beginning, explaining the science behind the ideas and the overall idea of genetics, the other half of the book is a sort of self-help book. I say sort of because I don’t think many people go out looking to change their genes or influence them in a more positive way. I certainly did not intend to when I picked up this book. But, I find the sections on how you can change your sleep behaviors, eating habits, learn how to control stress, and maybe add some calming meditation to your day quite purposeful and I will definitely put them into practice. I especially enjoy how they broke each category into sections of easy choices, harder choices, and experimental choices because everyone likes a little instant gratification when trying something new and most (if not all) like to see an immediate effect in their lives when they are trying to change things. They offer quite a few options in each section which allows a personal tailoring to what you most need or see as most beneficial to your life.

Overall, a fascinating idea and the means to put those ideas into action in our own lives. I definitely recommend this book to all, even if you just like reading how your body works, no self-help needed.

“Super Genes” at Penguin Random House

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.