My family has always said I’m a dreamer. People I meet have always questioned (and been confused) how my two careers in life could be so different (pastry chef, formerly, and registered veterinary technician currently). I’ve always wondered why I felt the need to keep on searching for that “thing,” that “feeling.” What do we all need to feel content, fulfilled, happy? Will this book lend some insight to these questions?

As the Introduction to Wellth, by Jason Wachob, explains, “whether we like it or not, everything is connected: our minds, our bodies, and our environment. The mind and body are not separate, they’re one…If we’re out of touch with the mind or the body, then we’re not truly healthy because we’re disconnected from the self.” (Pg.5)

A little bit of self-help, a lot of common sense, and a new way of looking at things is the emphasis. What your neighbor does may or may not be what you need and vice versa. Life isn’t a “one size fits all” sort of thing. And what worked when you were twenty or thirty or forty may not be what you need now! 

The book is divided into sections based on different aspects of life that people seek help with: eating, moving, finding a fulfilling career, love, etc. Each is filled with helpful information on why and how to improve these things, but the stand-out theme is to do what’s right for your being and what’s best for your health (physical, mental, spiritual, all of it). The suggestions aren’t difficult and don’t require too much except the willingness and the want to make yourself better for yourself, no one else. 

If you’re looking to change one or all aspects of your life, you’ll find at least one gem of insight that you can start out with. If you’re more motivated, you can improve as many aspects as you’d like.

The author uses his own examples of what he’s gone through to explain the general idea of each section, but you should insert your own story. This is your journey and your life and it’s all within your control, whether it always feels that way or not. This book is positivity without unrealistic expectations or goals for its readers. 

If you’re not quite satisfied, longing for more, not feeling all there, tired, feeling powerless, know you could be happier, or anything short of fulfilled and content, I recommend that you give this a read. Unless you’re completely closed off to help and guidance, you’ll benefit. Every day is a new day and every morning is a chance to start fresh. 

Wellth at Penguin Random House


I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.