I’m convinced that the only thing that really helps cure colds in our household is homemade chicken soup. Sure, other things like cough drops and syrups, immunity boosters and such may help relieve symptoms, but nothing gets you feeling better like a big bowl of golden broth.

That’s why I was really excited to learn about Broth & Stock from the Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther. I’m always looking for new soups to try and I love making homemade stocks to use for anything and everything. Currently, I only make chicken stock because I know my recipe is a good one and it’s the only one I need for other recipes, but I’m excited to hopefully branch out.

The first couple chapters of the book go through the history of broth/stocks and why it’s used. I also love that she explains the components of what goes into making it and how to choose the best ingredients. I feel like this gives everyone enough information to go at it on their own should they be so inclined and really allows you to personalize your broths.

The recipes for the stocks and broths are pretty basic, as I expected. There’s not too much difference in them other than what types of bones you use, wine or vinegar, and maybe the addition of vegetables and what kinds you use. What’s best about this book is that anyone could make a good homemade broth without too much know-how in the kitchen.

There are some delicious looking recipes such as the dashi braised thighs, black bean soup, and oxtail stew that really put the stocks to use. I don’t make any seafood stocks so I’m excited to see the recipes for pink shrimp chowder and tom yum goong. And who doesn’t love a good vegetable risotto made flavorful with rich stock? I know I do.

Overall, it’s a simple book with simple recipes and easy to follow instructions. The most difficult thing would be to find the different types of bones/appendages to go into your broth or stock. The recipes look delicious and use the base stock/broth recipes well and there is more variety than I would have thought.

I know this will be a book that I will go back to constantly and the master recipes will become part of my go-to recipes for many other dishes. And who can complain about all the great health benefits you get just from simply enjoying a good meal? I know I certainly can’t and won’t.

Broth & Stock at Penguin Random House


I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.