Who knew Questlove was into food…and I mean really into food!? Apparently his Instagram photos are something to be followed and I might just hop on that bandwagon, but this book is much different. In “Something To Food About,” by Questlove, he has a conversation about food with some of the top chefs.

It’s in an interview-type format with questions and answers, but the questions include memories of Questlove and how he was impacted by these chefs, their birth places, or the similarity in experiences. We see how these chefs came to be, what their influences were and how their upbringing led them to where they are today. There are some ridiculous questions like inventing a city and how would that come about, but even such questions lead us to learn what is important in their culinary world.

The pictures are beautiful and beautifully odd at moments as well. On one page there is a family or friends or both feasting at a table, using hands, sharing family-style plates. On another page, there are spinal vertebrae next to a watch. But mostly, well composed dishes along with photos of each chef capture your attention .

It’s more interesting than a biography, slightly autobiographical at the same time, and completely different and fun and makes you feel like you’re getting a special glimpse at these people that you’d never get anywhere because the questions are coming from someone totally unique. You also wonder why no one ever asks questions like the ones you find in this book because they are so much more interesting and odd and fascinating.

This isn’t anywhere near a typical book about chefs or people in general, but it is something special and if you love food, as I do, and really respect the chefs in the kitchens all around the world, you’ll enjoy this side of them.

Something To Food About at Penguin Random House


I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.