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“Women In Science,” by Rachel Ignotofsky, is an incredible book for all ages, but especially for young girls growing up in the world today. While gender equality has come a long way, we’re still not where we should be as far as women being equal to men in the workplace. Also, there are still many male-dominated fields.

Not to get too far into all those issues…this book does a wonderful job of addressing incredible women in science throughout the ages and noting their accomplishments and their contributions. The colors and pictures add interest and I love the tidbits of information you’ll find on the edges of the page that surround the main story of each woman.

From engineers and archeologists to chemists and mathematicians (and much more), anyone will be inspired by these incredible women and I’m sure there are women in here we didn’t even know about. It will be inspiring for young girls to see that throughout the centuries, women have been contributing to discovery after discovery and that if these ladies can do all these things, so can they.

I’m excited to share this with my own daughter someday and show her that she can be and do whatever she’d like, regardless of gender. It’s also a wonderful book on teaching girls about strong women, many of whom had to fight their way into the field of science and then again to be taken seriously.

Aside from the obvious appeal to young girls, it is a great book for all children – they will be able to see how many people can come up with their own discoveries and their own ways of understanding science and then hopefully apply that to their own lives and dream bigger than they thought they could before.

There is a lovely glossary at the end of the book with definitions and small pictures to go along with it, especially helpful if your child is a visual learner. The resources section gives a thorough selection of films, books, and websites if you and your child would like to delve further into the topic.

Overall, a great coffee table book, an incredible addition to your child’s library, and hopefully not the last of these types of books.

Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World


I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.