Doesn’t it seem like everyone is going gluten-free these days? Yes, it does, and I would be one of those people trying to as well. I went Paleo a while back, which is intensely gluten-free, and I am trying to get back on that train. What makes it easier now is the availability of all the cookbooks that give you more things to eat than just eggs, bacon, and avocados. I kid, but sometimes it’s difficult to come up with variety when you are limited by your diet.

In “gluten-free for good,” by Samantha Seneviratne, you won’t be disappointed by the variety of recipes and the ease at which you can bring them into your home and to your table. Her whole idea behind this book is to get people away from the preservative- and additive-filled, pre-packaged gluten-free food at the markets and, instead, serve wholesome meals at home with real ingredients.

The recipe index is impressive and I like the way it is arranged. It’s very neatly organized and visually easy to navigate.

The first stop is Stocking Your Pantry. I like how she explains the alternative ingredients you’ll come across: different types of flours (almond, coconut, millet, sorghum, etc.); starches (potato, corn, and more); and gums. If you are unfamiliar with gluten-free cooking, this section will be very helpful, especially when navigating grocery aisles. The recipes are staples such as broths, sauces/flavorings (like tahini and Harissa), and mayonnaise.

On to Breakfast and Brunch, my husband’s favorite meal. You can’t have a breakfast section without a recipe for pancakes and this one looks delicious – almond oat pancakes with blueberries…yum. She includes breads, muffins, and even cinnamon buns! Bread is one thing I do miss the most when I go gluten-free. If you’re looking for something less sweet, try the sweet potato spinach hash or the gouda grits with eggs. This is probably the largest section of breakfast recipes I’ve ever see in a cookbook, by the way.

Soups, Salads, and Sides. You can eat these all together, separately, or mix and match them. The soups look hearty. The sides (like braised vegetables) have slight twists that make them unique but nothing particularly exciting. But how exciting can you make a roasted carrot anyway? Oh yeah, I’m not a huge fan of cooked carrots, so I’m biased. The salads look decent, but overall, this section isn’t my favorite. Nothing new.

In the Hearty Mains section, you could have a different dinner every night for two weeks! There are so many options and recipes to choose from. Lettuce cups, chili, chicken thighs with wild rice and leeks, a kale-onion-gruyere tart…the list goes on. Though you would have to plan your dinners mostly in advance, as I doubt anyone would have all the ingredients on hand, most people usually do plan ahead and shop for a few days worth or meals. In that case, the recipes are fairly simple and the ingredients are easy to come by, mostly.

The Sweet and Savory Snacks section is one of those fun chapters in a book where you like to look at all the ideas, but you probably won’t make most of them (or any of them), yet it’s still nice to have it there. As I mentioned above, grocery stores carry lots of pre-packaged foods, especially crackers, chips, popcorns, and bars, but if you’re in the mood or have the time and wherewithal, you’ll find what you need here for those times when you want just a little something to get you by.

At last, the best part of all cookbooks…dessert. The chocolate orange cheesecake and macaroon brownies look sublime and I doubt anyone would even think to ask if it was gluten-free or anything-free. The plum tart would be perfect for a summer dinner party and the raspberry cream tart just wants to jump from the pages to my spoon. With recipes for cookies and candies too, you won’t go wrong with any of it.

I am looking forward to adding these recipes into my gluten-free arsenal and hope that this will help motivate me to get my foot at least on the caboose of the train I’m trying to get back on. The pictures are also enticing enough that even if you weren’t super motivated, they’d make you hungry enough to get moving to make any one of these recipes. And, though I don’t NEED to be gluten-free, if you do, I hope you pick this book up and treat yourself to a new dish, share a dessert with your family that everyone can eat, or just punch up your normal routine.

Who said gluten-free had to be boring? Not I…

Gluten-free For Good at Penguin Random House


I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.