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Happy 2017 everyone! Hope your New  Year has started off on the right track, but if it’s been a little rocky, you’ve still got the whole year left to make your changes.

I thought I’d start my new year off with a bit of kindness. After all, it’s something that’s lacking significantly in the world right now. But if you think you’re pretty kind already, how can you become kinder? Check out Shaunti Feldhahn’s book, “The Kindness Challenge”.

Though easier said than done, as most worth-while things are, here are the basics:

  1. Say nothing negative about the person you choose to be kind to, not even to other people (i.e. no complaining to friends/family, no venting – even to yourself).
  2. Daily positive thing to praise/affirm about person – tell them and others.
  3. Daily act of kindness/generosity.

I must say, as a more negative than positive person myself, this seems like it should be easy peasy, but somehow negativity makes its way in here and there. It’s definitely work and requires you to be mindful and aware of yourself and how you are reacting to others, behaving towards situations, and how much negativity you are allowing your mind to conjure.

There are many studies they’ve done and surveys they’ve given and the results are basically, if you put work into it, almost all relationships and people improved. Obviously, the degree of improvement depends on the individuals, their situations when they began this, if one or both people are participating, and how much work they’re putting into the project.

The relationships you choose to work on don’t have to just be romantic relationships. They can be parent/child, friend/friend, employee/boss, etc. Whatever relationship you need to improve, kindness is the start. What’s great is that even if the other person doesn’t improve, which is completely possible as we cannot change others forcibly, you will be changed in a more positive, kind, and thoughtful manner. You may feel calmer, more patient with those who test your will.

If you’re feeling stuck in a relationship and are looking for something that YOU can do, pick up this book and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how such a “simple” thing can change your life.

The Kindness Challenge


I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.