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I’m not particularly a business person, though I do have my own little business that I will hopefully take much farther as the years pass (and the kids get older). I’m definitely not an entrepreneur, at least in the sense of what I consider one. But, I love learning new things, gaining new information on anything and everything, and I am a HUGE fan (my husband also) of Shark Tank.

I was excited to receive “The Power of Broke” by Daymond John because I definitely admire where he started and how far he’s come in business and I definitely take things he says on Shark Tank as words of wisdom (along with all the others).

Chapter One describes what THE POWER OF BROKE actually means and how Daymond John has used that in his business career. He also explains his SHARK point basics which are important points he suggests applying to all types of business, not matter what it is.

Chapters Two through Six are personal stories of successful business people who Daymond John says have used THE POWER OF BROKE from the very beginning of starting their businesses to the apex of them now. Though the types of businesses/careers may be so far apart (food, music, fashion, sports), the principles are still the same and their drive and hunger for success have all pushed them to where they are now.

Within the stories, you will find many important Power Facts and Power of Broke Principles that you can apply to your own budding business or career, but nothing and no one can force the personal drive and hunger you MUST have to get to where the most successful entrepreneurs have gotten.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration and insight into what it takes to start a business or to take the next steps to growing one. It definitely isn’t a step-by-step guide in the traditional sense, but the information you will glean from this is priceless and more information is always better than no information.

The Power of Broke @ Penguin Random House


I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.