Pretty much my first post is what this blog is ABOUT.

About me? Well, that’s a little complicated, as my husband would say. I am truly a Gemini in every aspect of the word, idea, definition, astrological description, etc. I can be one way and then in two seconds, be the opposite. I can have my mind made up to where I will fight you to agree with my decision and then two hours later, change it (that’s what I did for our wood floor coloring). I can be happy, sad, mad, excited, and hopeful all within 30 minutes of each other. I can want to be a veterinarian, pastry chef, mom, and entrepreneur all at the same time (and believe me, I still do!). Basically, I cannot be explained, I cannot be put in just one box, and I am pretty sure I cannot be understood.

What I can be is accepted for everything that I am and everything that I am not. It may be a tall order, but I have a husband, two huskies, a big family, and lots of friends that can prove it possible. I hope you can be a part of my life and a part of my journey!


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